Have had great results with Toni. She starts off with very specific helpful suggestions. She is clear and matter-of-fact (meaning that she doesn't just tell me what I want to hear since I can get that from anyone). She wants the interaction to be a partnership: I am asking for help, and she is there to provide support. She is very accommodating to my schedule and I recommend her.
David R.
So I have been seeing Toni for several years. I first started to see her regarding addiction. She has been instrumental in my recovery since the first visit. Her knowledge around addiction is unmatched in my 20 years of seeing counselor after counselor. Her approach is evidence and study based, she will give her opinions but usually refers to studies and reasearch done for the last 3 decades. Then add to that her personal experience in meeting with addicts and alcoholics for many many years. She will not tell you what you want to hear, she does not sugar coat or minimize treatment. She takes it extremely seriously as she understands its life or death for most of us. She has had personal experience with alcoholism with a family member so she gets it. Her approach in addiction is direct which I need as I have the ability to manipulate and lie in many cases. She sees through my BS and tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. We have discovered my patterns, triggers and signs when my disease is active. She has been a huge help and I'm so grateful to have found her and her willingness to see me even after several relapses in 5 years. She also has recommended some great literature and documentary's which I'm using now to gain more knowledge on my disease and what is needed and recommended by professionals and addicts and alcoholics currently in recovery. She also does marriage counseling which me and my wife do time to time to just stay pro active in our marriage. I'm moving to Montana in the next few months and will remain connected to Indiana as I have a business here and Toni and I have already discussed meeting when I'm in town which I look forward to very much. I look forward to our appointments each and every time as well as schedule our next appointment as soon as the session is complete which is also very convienant.
Rosemary H.
Our experience with Toni Black was amazing. She is a very professional, personable, upfront therapist. If you are looking for someone to sugar coat your problem, she is not the therapist for you. We have been to those type of therapists and we were very discouraged. Ms. Black is very proactive. She finds out what the issues are that are giving you problems and she addresses them directly. She gives you strategies that work. She even goes as far as to role play with you to help you to see the problem through the eyes of the other person. We found her to be extremely caring and an excellent listener. She really listens and hears what you are saying and responds accordingly. You may not always like what she has to tell you, but in the end you realize that not only does she have your best interest at heart; but what she suggests works! We recommend her services to anyone who is truly open to solving their problems. Working together with her we were able to move forward with our lives.